Welcome to Raise!

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Welcome to Raise, a place where we aim to raise the self-esteem and confidence of every one we meet through creative sessions and resources.

Whatever age you are we aim to be able to provide a way for you to feel good about yourself. Whether you join one of our choirs for a bit of personal investment or bring your child to one of our interactive story sessions we can guarantee that you will leave feeling better about yourself! You may have a school child who needs some extra emotional support or an older person who wants to be able to celebrate who they are despite struggling to remember past events- our resources aim to help support and empower people to change….


Victoria Clemson – TaMHS nurse

“Working with Carol (Raise) is professional and reliable. We ran a group together for young people who’s parents have mental health problems. They weren’t young carers as such but needed support to understand their parents’ issues. Raise helped and supported the young people so they have a healthier and understanding relationship with their parents. This enables the child to flourish in all aspects of their growth as a young person. We have seen such an improvement in their achievement in school and their families’ relationship with school. Thank you Raise…”

Jemimah Taylor – Young person

“I had so much fun being part of one of Carol’s ‘Raise Your Voice’ choirs. It gives you a chance to spend time with a great bunch of people with the same interests as you whilst learning new songs and singing techniques. Carol is a great, friendly leader and she is very inventive with the stuff you do. She was a source of inspiration for when I led my own singing group!”

Tim Elgar – e:merge CEO

“I can’t recommend Raise enough to help you develop and deliver life changing programmes and activities for children. Led by Carol who is an incredibly experienced deliverer, she has helped us at e:merge develop relevant resources and has had an incredible impact on many young people. If you need support and ideas for work with children in schools or in the community then look no further.”

Year 6 Pupil

“I am taking my power of helping people with their work, to secondary school, so that they don’t struggle.”

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