Raise and Shine story time

Raise and shine it’s story time! A time when little people and their parents and carers gather together to read a familiar book and at the same time remember how important they are.

But what can you expect when you come to one of our sessions?

We like to blend the original with the familiar as we do in all our Raise sessions, so often the books are ones that the children will have read time and time again although that is not essential to the session. Woven throughout the session are original songs reminding the children and carers how important, special and loved they are and how they can pass that on to others. We also sing popular songs and nursery rhymes whilst using masks and puppets amongst other stimulus so that the children are fully interactive and engaged.

Each child and carer can expect to feel welcome and have fun whether it is the first or fiftieth session they have attended and everyone leaves with a sticker because- well who doesn’t love stickers?!

To find out where the sessions are visit our session timetable here….

Raise and shine USB album

Are you looking for something short and sweet to listen to with your child that will raise their self-esteem and confidence in a fun and fantastic way? Raise and shine is just the thing that you are looking for; short, sweet and addictive raise and shine will become 10 minutes of your day that you and your child can’t live with out. Comprising of 12 original songs and accompanying videos with lyrics on a handy USB wristband that can be taken anywhere. Full details of the album are on our raise and shine page.

At just £6.99 we believe that raise and shine will improve your child’s self esteem and confidence through not only the fun and realistic songs but through a greater understanding of daytime and bedtime routine.


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