Raise your Voice Choirs

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If you want to sing up beat, positive songs, some with a twist then the Raise Your Voice choirs are for you!

The method we use is singing directly from lyric sheets – so no manuscripts – you don’t have to be able to read music. We also learn how to annotate the songs so that we each know how it should be sung. Using backing tracks mean that we can access the most up to date songs straight away and that they are accessible to all. We also like to experiment with mash ups and sing original songs such as this one written by Carol.

Our choirs are held in 2 venues at the moment https://pudseywellbeing.com/  and http://batleycommunityoutreach.org.uk/ and are for all ages. Athough we are not currently running our primary school choir do get in touch if you would like us to do one at your school.

Raise Your Voice – Pudsey Community Choir

We believe that singing should be accessible to all and Raise Your Voice Pudsey does just that! Set in the relaxed environment of https://pudseywellbeing.com people can just turn up and have a sing! The ethos is that we sing our favourite songs and then decide whether to work on them for performance pieces. Performances to date have included Care homes, churches, community festivals and a special performance at First Direct Arena for World Peace Day.

Raise Your Voice Pudsey meet at Pudsey wellbeing charity, LS28 on Thursdays at 7-9pm. Each session costs £3.

We love new people so come and get involved :0)

Raise Your Voice – Pudsey Youth Choir

Comprising of young people who are the children of adults in the community choir and also other local young people Raise Your Voice Pudsey Youth choir are a fun loving group of young people who are always ready for a challenge. Amongst them we have discovered song writers and arrangers and, like the primary schools choirs the choirs are structured using a word of the week and a pick of the week ensuring maximum ownership and fun for all concerned!

Raise Your Voice Pudsey youth choir meet at Cafe Lux Pudsey on Thursdays at 4-5pm and costs £1.50 per session.

Raise Your Voice Together- All age choir

We are very excited to be starting our first all aged choir at Batley Community Outreach. Members of all ages come to sing fun, well-known songs in a relaxed and easygoing atmosphere- you may well be offered a cup of tea mid song by one of the younger participants but there is also a tea break where everyone can enjoy refreshments!

Raise Your Voice Together meet at Batley Community outreach Centre, Wellington Road on Wednesdays 1-2.30pm and the session is free of charge.

Raise Your Voice – Primary School Choirs

The ethos of our primary school choirs is that the pupils can sing what they choose but the songs have to make them feel happy and they have to be happy to sing them in front of their parents or teachers!

Each week there is a word of the week which shapes the session and gets the pupils thinking about themselves and their relationship to music. There is also a pick of the week slot enabling the pupils to listen to the songs they love but this also teaches great listening skills and mutual respect whilst often broadening their knowledge of music.

Recently Raise Your Voice Wibsey won the OBON competition to write a song for the Queens 90th birthday and their prize was to record it at a local recording studio. These opportunities can be totally new experiences for some of the pupils and offer an exciting incite into the world of commercial music and songwriting.