Raise and Shine Story time


Raise and Shine classes

Raise and Shine story time is a wonderful mix of the familiar and the original in a 45 minute class that will make you and your child feel great about yourselves!
Children and adults alike can expect to enjoy mark making and exploring our letter of the week followed by a 30 minute story session using a well- known story, puppets, soft stars, instruments and much more. Bespoke songs help every participant to feel important and special. An affirmation sticker card for every participant of the 6 week package means that confidence is further reinforced as well as stickers every week for every one that comes!

Raise and shine story time currently happens at http://batleycommunityoutreach.org.uk/ on Tuesday from 9.30-10.15am and https://www.facebook.com/Littleangelsbeeston/ on Wednesday 10.30-11am.

For information about our songs visit Raise shop


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