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Many of you have said how much you love our Raise and shine songs so you can now buy them here!

Each song is a short and sweet way to embrace who you and your children are or help them with lifeskills to further improve their confidence.

Simply click on the demo, find the song you want and purchase it! All audio and video files will be sent to you via Dropbox once payment has been received.


Raise and shine welcome song

This popular song always starts our session. A feel good song that welcomes everyone in a happy way.





Raise and shine welcome song single audio song file



Raise and shine welcome video download



Raise and shine goodbye song

This song always ends our sessions. A feel good way to say goodbye and embrace our new friends.



Raise and shine goodbye song single audio file



Raise and shine goodbye song video file

This video has a spelling mistake in it and will go up to full price of £2 once rectified.



I look in the mirror

This song allows children to look at themselves in a positive and affirmative way every time they look in the mirror.




I look in the mirror audio file



I look in the mirror video file



The Grumpy Song

This popular song enables children to fully embrace being grumpy whilst giving them the tools to start thinking positively again.




Grumpy song audio file



Grumpy song video file



The Bath song

This fun song enables children to routinely wash every area of their body whilst teaching them the proper names for those body parts.




The Bath song audio file



The Bath Song video file



I need to hear your brushing

We all know that children would rather suck their toothbrush then clean their teeth properly so this song ensures that you can hear them doing what they’re meant to!




I need to hear you brushing audio file



I need to hear you brushing video file



The Potty Jazz

One of the keys to toilet training is for your child to tell you when they need to go! This song encourages them to tell you whatever they need to do.




The Potty Jazz audio file



The Potty Jazz video file



Delicious, nutricious

Lots of children know about their five a day but this song enables them to make good choices.




Delicious, nutritious audio file



Delicious Nutritious video file



Sleepy Star

This full length song is a lovely way to end your bedtime routine. Words encourage children to shine bright whilst reminding them that you can’t stay with them all night!



Sleepy star audio file



Sleepy Star video file



Super Duper

Super Duper is a funky way to celebrate just how super you really are!



Super Duper audio file



Super Duper video file



Rock, rock, rocket

Rock, rock, rocket is a fun song to put actions to and generally have a boogie!



Rock, rock, rocket audio file



Rock, rock, rocket video file



Celebrate being me

Our pom pom-tastic song celebrating who we are whatever we’re doing!




Celebrate being me audio file



Celebrate being me video file